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About Us


A bank always with neighbors

SBI Savings Bank continues to grow in the fast-changing financial environment. Now, SBI is spreading out to the world.


Established : Oct, 1971
  • Board of Directors( Risk Management Commitee : Risk Management Subcommitee, Compensation Commitee, Executive Candidate Recommendation Committee, Audit Committee : Audit Dept )
  • Each CEO( [ Loan Review Committee, Investment Review Committee, Human Resources Committee, Information Protection Committee, Internal Control Committee ], [ Compliance Officer: Compliance Dept., CCO: Consumer Financial Protection Dept. ], [ FinTech ], [ Channel strategic TFT ] )
  • CEO
    • Corporate Finance & IB Headquarters( IB Division[ IB Dept.1, IB Dept.2, IB Dept.3, IB Dept.4 ], CIB Planning Department[ Honam TFT, Jungbu TFT ], Corporate Finance Division[ Corporate Finance Dept.1, Corporate Finance Dept.2, Corporate Finance Dept.3, Corporate Finance Dept.4 ] )
    • Asset Collection Headquarters( [ Asset Collection Dept.1, Asset Collection Dept.2 ], Real Estate Finance Division[ Real Estate Finance Dept. ] )
    • Management Strategy Headquarters( Strategy Risk Management Division[ Strategy Risk Management Dept., Public Relation Dept. ], [ HR Dept., General Affairs Dept. ] )
  • CEO
    • Retail Headquarters( Retail-sales Business Division.1[ Retail Sales Dept.1, Retail Sales Dept.2, Retail Sales Dept.3, B-Project TFT. ], Retail-sales Business Division.2[ SOHO Sales Dept., Auto Finance Dept. ], [ Retail Planning Dept. ], Retail support Business Division[ CSS Dept, Retail Collection Dept. ], Branch Management Division[ Branch Management Department, 20 Branches ] )
    • Financial & Credit Assessment Headquarters( Information System Division[ IT Operation Dept., IT Development Dept., Information Security Team ], [ Financial Accounts Dept., Business Management Dept. ], Credit Assessment Division[ Corporate Credit Assessment Dept., Real Estate Credit Assessment Dept. ] )