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Quick and convenient customized lending service.

Babil Loan

  • The first Internet-based credit loan in Korea that requires no visit or document It will take only two minutes from applying for a loan to remittance via the Internet. There are various products optimized for employees, housewife, students.

Leasing Loan

  • This product is for who need money for leasing remainder or want house loan for living expense.

Sunshine Loan(Employees¡¯ Living Loan)

  • Sunshine Loan(Employees¡¯ Living Loan)

Loan on CD or Installment deposit

  • This product is for our CD or installment deposit customers that can get a loan as much as 90% of their lump sum.

Loan on Security

  • This product is for who has listed security or other securities and need loan on those securities.

Stock Loan

  • This is for brokerage account holder who need loan for laying in a stock.

Project Financing(PF)

  • This installment deposit product pays high interest, making it easy to accrue lump sums.

Lending for small and medium-sized businesses

  • This loan product is for healthy small-and-medium-sized companies.

Loans for the self-employed

  • This loan product is for small business owners such as self-employed individuals. (Biz Babilloan. check loan, etc.)

Development of a variety of new products

To apply the benefits of IT and leverage the advantages of the Internet
as much as possible, SBI Savings Bank has worked closely with high-tech global enterprises. Accordingly, SBI Savings Bank Bank has built a solid technological foundation from which it can efficiently pursue a wealth of future-oriented ventures, enter newly developing markets and create new products that unlock wealth for all our customers and vendors alike.