SBI Savings Bank embraces
the principle of ethical management.
What is ethical management?

Ethical management is a practice that requires the company to fulfill its rights and obligations as a social entity while also complying with the ethics of the market, i.e.

maintaining market order. It implies a management that not only complies with the legal system, but also fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, which may change as time progresses.

Under the banner of ethical management, SBI will fairly and firmly establish itself as a fair and transparent entity that cares for both customers and vendors alike thus realizing a win-win synergy for all.

In addition, we promise that we will try our best to be etched in the minds of the general public as a trusted bank by obeying all laws, protecting the environment, and continuously engaging in social contributions and volunteer activities.

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SBI is engaged in a variety of social contribution activities
as a way to fulfill our promise to realize ethical management.